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Families Update from the Leadership Council

July 17, 2023

New Hope Families,

As promised, the Leadership Council is dedicated to keeping everyone up-to-date with what we are working on until a new CEO is hired. Some weeks, we may have more news to report than others, so the amount of information shared will be based on the size and complexity of the projects being undertaken. Rest assured, though, we are continuing to measure each project as it aligns with our mission and dedication to those we serve.

Last week, we outlined five key areas the Leadership Council would focus on over the next 90 days. Those areas are:

  • Mission
  • Workforce
  • Services
  • Quality
  • Foundation

Over the past week, we have made progress in a few of these areas and wanted to share more information on a few of the projects.

  • ACTS Program (Services). ACTS stands for Activities, Communication, Therapies and Support and refers to New Hope’s On-Campus Residential day habilitation program. This program received a facelift and resumed on Monday, January 30, 2023. At the time, individuals from all four campus homes were participating in the ACTS program at the Activity Building gymnasium twice a week. Since then, New Hope on-campus residential and therapies staff have worked to grow the ACTS program so that on-campus individuals can now participate in the ACTS programming four days a week, beginning Monday, June 5. Both those we serve in our on-campus program, and our New Hope team, are delighted with the increase in ACTS programming.
  • CEO Search (Mission). The Board of Directors has engaged an executive search firm to oversee the applicant search and initial screening for New Hope’s next CEO. This process has already begun. While we have discussed having a 90-day interim plan, we are aware this process could take much longer. Please know the board’s current focus is on hiring the right CEO to lead New Hope into our next 45 years of enriching the lives of those we serve.
  • Reopening Center 6 at Connections (Services). Our Leadership Council did take a moment to celebrate this week the announcement that Center 6 at Connections ((Day Hab) would be reopening thanks, in part, to recent hires into the program. This is wonderful news for those we serve in this program and we are excited to see this program getting back to full capacity and living its mission!

Moving forward, the Leadership Council will be meeting with the New Hope Board of Directors monthly to share the group’s progress and ensure the Council is moving forward in a direction that aligns with the board’s goals and mission of New Hope.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the Leadership Council. In the past week, members of the Council have heard from several employees, families and community members, and we have greatly appreciated the honest feedback, thoughts and suggestions that have been shared. This dialogue is evidence that together, we are moving New Hope forward!


LeAn Taylor, Chief Program Officer

Kim Platt, Chief of Community Operations

Lacie Tedrow, Director of Quality Assurance & Staff Training

Danielle Fineran, Director of Finance

Angie Owen, Director of Development

Sarah Foley, Director of Marketing and Retail Operations

Kandi Quandt, Director of Employee Success

Shanon Lux, Associate Human Resources Director

Rhonda Feldman, Executive Assistant

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