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Connections Program

Fostering Community Inclusion

For decades, New Hope has offered a day habilitation program for those it serves. The goal of this program is to provide opportunities for individuals to maintain or learn new skills while also working toward greater community inclusion.

Connections really is a great name and fit for what our day habilitation program offers. As we work to provide inclusive opportunities for the individuals we serve, what we’re also doing is providing them greater connections to the community in which they live, whether that’s through volunteering, day trips or other activities,” explains Steve Kopecky, New Hope CEO.

New Hope’s Connections program is geared toward individuals with intellectual disabilities, brain injury or chronic mental illness who might be looking for an environment where they can learn social skills, grow friendships, grain responsibilities and learn life skills.

“This program really offers individuals a safe environment to grow into their community, to work on new skills and to truly see what they’re fully capable of,” adds Kopecky.

Program participants are generally ages 16-88. A wide variety of activities are offered in the program including volunteering, day trips and recreational outings. Skills activities are also planned based on goals established through Individual Service Plans (ISP). These ISP’s are developed with the participant, their family and New Hope’s support team. The plan is updated on a regular basis to assess how an individual is doing in meeting their goals and to stay relevant to the participant’s personal growth.

For more information on the Connections program, or to learn if this would be a good fit for your loved one, contact Jenna Brown, Admissions Coordinator, at (712) 792-5500.

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