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Making A Life Transition: On Campus and Community Living

New Hope’s greatest presence in local communities is it’s residential
services. These homes, both on campus and in the community, are homes just like any other. They celebrate the holidays together, and go out to eat together, they tell stores, laugh, cry, watch movies and more. They’re bonded like family. And most importantly, these homes are a safe place for the individuals who live here.

New Hope’s residential services provide a platform for those New Hope serves to live their lives, independently and with dignity.

At New Hope, living situations are adapted to each individual’s needs, such as wheelchair assistance, communication devices or other adaptive
equipment. This personalization helps ensure each individual will be
comfortable, and successful, in a home best suited for their needs.

On Campus Living

At New Hope’s Main Campus, located in Carroll, New Hope offers On-Campus Residential Services. These residential
services and homes are certified Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) for individuals with intellectual disabilities and others.

New Hope’s spacious campus offers residents a truly at-home feel with walking paths, flowers and garden areas and visits from area wildlife. The open campus area offers room for games and sports. Traditionally, campus life is bustling, particularly during the holidays when you see the homes decorated, or as the seasons change. Additionally, the Activity Building, located on campus, is home to physical, occupational and speech therapies provided to those served, without having to leave the campus setting.

For those living on campus, each morning they’re able to wake up in their own room, enjoying privacy, a comfortable living space and their own personal decorations and treasures. Each home, both on campus and in the community, is kept clean, well decorated and pleasant to come home to when the day is done.

In 2023, New Hope began offering an on campus Day ACTS (Activities, Communication, Therapies and Support) program for individuals within the On Campus Residential Program. The program is a day services program that gets individuals in the on campus program out of their homes and actively participating in activities for enjoyment and healthy living.

Community Living

Community homes and apartments are maintained and cared for by New Hope in Carroll and Glidden. These homes may be staffed 24-hours a day, or they may utilize the NOSS system. NOSS (Night Owl Support System) offers remote supports to individuals during the overnight hours, giving individuals in homes that utilize the system increased independence and dignity as adults with disabilities.

For individuals who receive residential services from New Hope, the Community Living program offers an opportunity for independence, with round-the-clock support. Services include assistance with meal preparation, medication administration support, financial support and transportation. Additionally, New Hope services also assist with vocational and employment support.

Often, members of the community will see individuals within the community residential program participating in
community events, shopping in local stores, and dining out at local restaurants. The community residential program truly strives to offer individuals independence with support and guidance as needed.

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