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Day ACTS: A Year Review

February 23, 2024

Last year, New Hope introduced ACTS programing to its on-campus residential services. ACTS stands for Activities, Communication, Therapies and Support and refers to New Hope’s On-Campus Residential day habilitation program.

After a program facelift in January 2023, individuals from all four campus homes were initially participating in the ACTS program at the Activity Building gymnasium twice a week. Since then, New Hope on-campus residential and therapies staff have worked to grow the ACTS program incrementally, so that the program, and those attending, can reach their full potential. Individuals from New Hope’s on-campus program now attend Day ACTS four times a week. Furthermore, just months ago, the program was expanded to the east hallway of New Hope’s Activity Building, increasing the space allotted for the program.

“After the announcement that Growing Hope (on-campus childcare) would not be moving forward, we had the opportunity to move Day ACTS and our Therapies departments from the smaller north hallway to the much larger east hallway and all of those classrooms. It was a hard process but with teamwork and a bit of creativity we got it done,” explains Kelley Mead, New Hope’s Director of Nursing. She adds that both Day ACTS and Therapies were completely moved and settled into their new rooms by December 2023.

“Since the move, we’ve seen vast improvements in mood, capabilities and communication. Individuals are more comfortable being in the classrooms with the better lighting, windows for natural light and fresh air, and less stimulation from resounding or echoing. The area provides a much quieter atmosphere that’s easier to alter with things such as sensory lights and aroma therapy. With less people participating at one time, staff are better able to provide one-on-one assistance and set-up one or more group activities
successfully,” shares Mead.

The on-campus team notes that having Day ACTS and the Therapies department in the same space helps the two departments coordinate activities and education, giving individuals a greater chance to succeed in their daily living. In this shared space, staff also have a greater opportunity to work side-by-side with therapists, asking them questions, watching how they work and both offering and receiving feedback. The line of communication between staff and therapists is vital in ensuring New Hope is enriching the lives of those we serve.

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