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New Hope Awards 2023 Norm Olberding Scholarships

May 11, 2023

New Hope is proud to announce it has named three recipients of its 2023 Norm Olberding Scholarship. This year’s recipients are Megan Brincks, Kenedy Schaefer and McKenna Vincent.

The Norm Olberding scholarship is awarded to current New Hope employees who are continuing their education and work a minimum of 16 hours a month.

Norm Olberding, of Odebolt, made a significant gift to New Hope in 1999. The gift was made in memory of his wife, Millie. Norm and Millie understood the vital role caregivers play in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Specifically, they wanted their gift to enrich the quality of life of individuals with disabilities by supporting the recruitment and retention of caring and trusted New Hope employees. Assisting New Hope employees to further their education was at the top of Norm and Millie’s list.

Kenedy Schaefer

Schaefer currently works for New Hope as a Certified Medication Aide (CMA) and Direct Support Professional (DSP). This month, she will graduate from Carroll High School and is planning to pursue an education in nursing. While at New Hope, Schaefer says she has learned so much, and has noticed her communication skills have grown, as well as her patience. She credits the responsibility of this job with helping shape who she is today!

“I am so glad I decided to apply at new Hope two years ago. I’ve gained so many friendships and strong relationships with both the individuals on-campus and the people I work with. I’ve learned many skills that I use every day now,” adds Schaefer.

Megan Brincks

Brincks is an on-campus Direct Support Professional (DSP) who is currently attending DMACC and pursuing a nursing degree at DMACC’s Carroll Campus. Once she completes her studies at DMACC, Brincks hopes to go on to pursue a bachelor of nursing degree.

“Working at New Hope has helped me immensely as I travel towards my nursing education. I have learned a large amount of valuable information through this job that will stick with me throughout my career. From fundamentals of caretaking to the complexity of medication management, I owe all my experience and knowledge to New Hope,” explains Brincks.

Brincks adds that while she has worked at New Hope for the past five years, it was one of her first jobs and truly changed her into the person she is today. Aside from furthering her education, her position at New Hope has helped her see the values a person should carry, including respect, dignity, honesty and many others.

McKenna Vincent

“The relationships I have created at New Hope will always hold a special place in my heart. I love getting to work with the
individuals with I have time off from college. They have provided me with a new perspective on life and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity,” says Vincent.

Vincent is a Flex Direct Support Professional (DSP) who is currently attending Iowa State University and studying elementary education with endorsements in special education and reading, and minoring in Spanish.

Vincent says that by working at New Hope, she’s gained skills such as patience, empath and compassion for others. These skills have not only helped her be successful at New Hope but will also help her in her future career as an educator.

New Hope offers congratulations to this year’s New Hope scholarships recipients, graduates, and all of the class of 2023!

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