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New Hope Families Association September Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2023

Meeting Minutes

Saturday, September 16, 2023

New Hope Commons Area, 9:30 am

  1. The meeting was called to order by Angie Owen, Director of Development. 21 family members were in attendance, which included three board members. Angie welcomed the attendees and provided a “Mission Moment,” which is a “wow” or “aha” moment that shows why the New Hope mission matters. Leadership staff share Mission Moments at the onset of their meetings to remind each other of the impact of what they’re doing, and reminds them what we’re so passionate about it.
  2. Josie Bengford, New Hope Board of Directors Chairperson, provided an update regarding the search for new CEO.
    • Of the dozens of applicants, the search firm of The Reserve Network, has narrowed the group down to three applicants who will be brought on site for in person interviews on September 29, October 2 and October 5. The interview group will include board members, business leaders and family members.
    • Norene Bauman, Family member and board of director’s member, spoke about the dedicated members of the board and their desire to find and hire the best person for the position.
  3. Six members of the New Hope Leadership Council introduced themselves and provided a brief description of their positions and updates from their department. In attendance was Angie Owen, Shanon Lux, Lacie Tedrow, Kandi Quandt, Kim Platt and LeAn Taylor. Missing was Sarah Foley and Danielle Fineran.
    • Kim Platt, Chief of Community Operations explained that the community homes leadership team is almost completely staffed. Leadership are looking for ways to create and maintain efficiency. Day Hab is back to full force, Community Employment is down ½ for job coaches. There is a waiting list for clients who want jobs.
    • Kandi Quandt, Director of Employee Success, has created an on-boarding staff for all of the new hires. A group of three staff now handle workforce management and scheduling of work hours. Workforce 101 has been created to emphasize the importance of work/life balance. The “Bee the Hope” award is offered as a peer-to-peer recognition program for staff to nominate other staff for what they see as exceptional work. Family members would also like to participate so that they can also recognize staff for doing a job well done. The form will be offered to family members to complete.
    • LeAn Taylor, Chief Program Officer, has hired a supervisor for Daisy Lane Home. An offer has been extended for the role that Lynn McGuire once held. The job opening for the Director of ICF has been posted. The Board approved $35,000 to remodel the east hallway rooms back into day services and therapy rooms. New flooring, painting, countertops, and cabinets are currently being installed.
    • The staff are hosting a contest to rename the day services program. Watch for an update soon.
    • Hard Core Dance from Denison has been lined up to guide dance classes for 14 clients once a week for 30 minutes. A very positive addition!
  4. At previous summer gatherings of New Hope Families Association members, Ann Fitzpatrick was named as President, Kathy Lage as Vice President (due to a change in work schedule, Kathy would be open to someone else taking on this position if interested) and Paula Lambertz as Secretary/Treasurer. This is in keeping of the past tradition of board officers but had dwindled away during the pandemic. It is anticipated that two gatherings of family members will be held each year, spring and fall. Angie Owen is the liaison between New Hope and family members.
    • Conversation among family members for on and off campus areas concluded the meeting.
  5. Notable highlights:
    • New Hope Soup Day will be held on Thursday, November 2. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to assist. Please contact Angie Owen to add yourself to the list. It can be for peeling carrots to serving soup to donating pies.New Hope Store, Atlantic location, has a lot of items that need to be marked and put out on the floor. To help out, it was decided that family members and friends can volunteer for part of a day and travel to Atlantic in a New Hope bus to work in the store, have lunch, and travel back home. Dates will be determined and interested people can sign up to volunteer. Some dates will be during the week or on Saturday mornings.
    • Kathie Mailander, family and board members, can also use help early in October to put out the Christmas tree displays and items in the Atlantic store. Angie Owen can assist with the coordination.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Paula Lambertz

Family Association Secretary/Treasurer

Leadership Council Contact Information

Angie Owen, Director of Development, (712) 792-5500, ext. 217

Kim Platt, Chief of Community Operations, (712) 792-5500, ext. 205

Kandi Quandt, Director of Employee Success, (712) 792-5500, ext. 215

Lacie Tedrow, Director of Quality Assurance & Training, (712) 792-5500, ext. 208

LeAn Taylor, Chief Program Officer, (712) 792-5500, ext. 202

Shanon Lux, Associate HR Director (712) 792-5500, ext. 233

Sarah Foley, Director of Marketing & Retail Operations, (712) 792-5500, ext. 275

Danielle Fineran, Director of Finance, (712) 792-5500, ext. 270

Rhonda Feldman, Executive Assistant, (712) 792-5500, ext. 207

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