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Families Update from the Leadership Council

December 8, 2023

New Hope Families,

It has been a busy month, and we have entered the busy season – but one filled with thanksgiving and celebration. During this time, we want to share how thankful we are for each of you, our families and your loved ones, whom we serve. In short, we have many reasons to celebrate and we are excited to share more about this in today’s update.

As always, we continue to work with our five core values at the forefront: mission, workforce, services, quality and foundation. We are excited to share updates regarding each of these below:

  • Activity Building Hallway Update (Services/Mission).  Earlier in July of this year, the Leadership Council – in conjunction with the Board of Directors – made the decision to stop pursuing an on-campus childcare initiative. By pausing this project, New Hope leadership was able to redesignate the Activity Building hallway and rooms back to the On-Campus Residential program (ICF) for therapies and the Day ACTS (Activities, Communication, Therapies and Support) program. Because some deconstruction had occurred in the hallway and rooms, reconstruction was necessary before the rooms would be usable again. We are happy to report that everything has been beautifully reconstructed, and the rooms are being used daily by those we serve! The rooms now offer more space for the therapies department and those we serve are also enjoying the room updates. Additionally, this frees up the gym for use by other departments, when necessary. For example, in some cases, training is best held here because of the space needed; and we occasionally open the gym for community activities. Everyone at New Hope is excited to see this hallway once again being utilized by those we serve!
  • Leadership Updates (Workforce). We have several On-Campus Residential Leadership announcements. We are pleased to announce that ICF Home Supervisors have been hired for the Evergreen, Prairie Rose and Oakridge homes! Previously, Corey Fennell joined the On-Campus Residential leadership team as the Daisy Lane Home Supervisor. With the addition of these three Home Supervisors, our On-Campus home supervisor positions have now all been filled, and we are looking forward to building out these teams further.
  • Interim Leadership Update (Workforce). LeAn Taylor, Chief Program Officer, announced in November she would be leaving New Hope to pursue new opportunities. Her last day was [date], so we certainly wish her all the best. In recent months, LeAn had also been doing much of the work as the ICF/On-Campus Residential Director. With her departure, the Leadership Council has named Kelley Mead, Director of Nursing, the Interim ICF Director. Until a replacement can be named, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kelley with any questions or concerns regarding the On-Campus Residential Program. Kelley can be reached at (712) 792-5500, ext. 221, or by email at [email protected]. Currently, Kelley is working closely with Kim Platt, Chief of Community Operations, to onboard and train the three newly hired On-Campus Home Supervisors.
  • 2023 Appreciation Dinner (Foundation). We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who attended our 2023 Appreciation Dinner on Tuesday, November 28, at the Carrollton Inn. This was an evening to recognize and appreciate New Hope donors, community supporters and long-time team members for all they do to live out New Hope’s mission. Three individuals and organizations were awarded a 2023 New Hope Appreciation Award. They were: Caroline Dieter, with Family Table Restaurant; Phic Lovan, with National Seating and Mobility; and Renew Covenant Church of Carroll. Additionally, several individuals and families were recognized for their contributions to the New Hope Foundation through general giving, memorial gifts and estate bequests. Ten employees were also recognized for dedicating more than 40 years of service to New Hope! As we said at the beginning of this letter, we have entered a season of thanksgiving and celebration, and the 2023 Appreciation Dinner event was no exception to this. Thanks again to all these individuals, organizations and employees for everything they do on behalf of New Hope and the individuals and families we serve!
  • Welcome, Jennifer Quigley! Jennifer Quigley, New Hope’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), officially began her duties last week. She has been spending her first several days getting to know employees, while also learning about our services and those we serve. “My family and I have had a fantastic first week here in Carroll and at New Hope. We already feel at home in this amazing community. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rich history and current state of the organization and I’m looking forward to rounding out 2023 by meeting many more family members and your loved ones that we support at New Hope. The theme of the recent Appreciation Dinner embodies our vision for the future of New Hope, Moving Forward,” explains Jennifer. Looking ahead to the new year, Jennifer is focused on revising the strategic plan for achievable and mission-oriented success in coming years, increasing communication from New Hope to all audiences and focusing on both growing and retaining our valued workforce.

As stated, it has been a busy month, with much to celebrate and be thankful for. Most importantly, we are continually thankful for you, our families, those we serve, and our team of caring and dedicated employees who help us live out our mission every day.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the Leadership Council, as well as Jennifer, at any time if you have any questions or concerns you would  like to discuss. Together, as a team, we are moving New Hope forward!


Jennifer Quigley, Chief Executive Officer

Kim Platt, Chief of Community Operations

Lacie Tedrow, Director of Quality Assurance & Staff Training

Danielle Fineran, Director of Finance

Kelley Mead, Director of Nursing

Angie Owen, Director of Development

Sarah Foley, Director of Marketing and Retail Operations

Kandi Quandt, Director of Employee Success

Shanon Lux, Associate Human Resources Director

Rhonda Feldman, Executive Assistant

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