1211 E 18th St., PO Box 887, Carroll, Iowa 51401

Business Testimonials

“We, at Farm Credit Services of America, cannot say enough good things about the Employment Resource program and their employees. The cleaning crew comes to our office daily to help maintain our facility. They always come with a smile on their face and ready to get to work as soon as they walk in the door! They are a joy to have around ~ always implementing a positive attitude. Their work ethic is remarkable and a very thorough job is always done. They go above and beyond their job duties and we are lucky to have them. Thank you for the great service you provide to us!”
Farm Credit Services of America

“Working with a business like New Hope provides us with an excellent opportunity for reliable cleaning services and provides our employees an opportunity to work with the client employees who have such a great heart. From the first week we hired New Hope to clean our Carroll office, I was flooded with emails and messages from our employees thanking me for hiring them. We are very fortunate to start our day with our New Hope cleaning crew. The positive attitude they bring to their job makes it very hard to start our day on a bad note. They do great work, are dependable and their rates are very reasonable. Keeping our business looking good is important to us at WIN. When you get them into your organization, see the great job that they do, see the interaction they have with your staff and customers, it all becomes so much more valuable. I’m currently on the New Hope board of trustees, and I encourage you to reach out to New Hope and see what they can offer. It’s not just cleaning services, they can do some much more to meet the needs of your business, all they need is the opportunity. Providing a job for someone who wants to work is an uplifting experience and I’d like to thank New Hope for the opportunity to employ these wonderful people.”
Chuck Deisbeck, Western Iowa Networks

“Not only is New Hope a good employer base for Carroll, but their mission of enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities, is one many businesses are proud to be a part of. As a business owner, I’m proud to have two crews of New Hope clients employed by Auen Distributing-labeling bottles and recycling cans. I’ve been told that the recycling job is one of the most desired jobs among the clients, but the two currently assigned to that job will not be giving it up anytime soon-they love it! I enjoy seeing the client’s progress, and having them here has been a great experience and a pleasure. The clients are dedicated and work extremely hard to give you their best. If we all started our days with the positive outlook of the New Hope clients, their dedication and their smiles, imagine what we could accomplish! New Hope is always looking for businesses to partner with for employment opportunities. I encourage our local businesses to embrace the opportunity to work with New Hope. You won’t regret it!”
Jim Auen, Auen Distributing

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