Employment Resources is a division of New Hope created in July 1995, with a goal to focus specifically on community employment opportunities.


For the Employer

  • Trained workforce
  • Decreased turnover
  • A Job Coach supports ER employees while on the job.
  • We are never absent from the job
  • Increased positive morale of your employees (Employers repeatedly recognize the positive effect of relationships built between its employees and Employment Resources employees.)

For the Employee

  • Employment is supported so that meaningful jobs can be found and maintained in the community
  • Necessary training and support is provided to facilitate a positive job match between the employee & employer
  • Develops relationships with others
  • Earns an income

Employment Resources currently serves these partner companies through job placement or supported employment.

If you have employment opportunities within your organization that would benefit from client staffing, please contact us. We would love to work with you to fulfill your needs.

We can be reached at:

Phone: (712) 792-6111 Ext. 311

Email: Jeri_Schuler@newhopevillage.org (Employment Coordinator)