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Families Update from the Leadership Council

August 9, 2023

New Hope Families,

As July melts into August and some of us start to countdown the days to the start of school, your Leadership Council is continuing its work to move New Hope forward. While the past week has been quieter, comparatively, the Council continues to keep five core principles at the forefront: mission, workforce, services, quality and foundation.

  • Syntrio/Lighthouse (Quality). In November 2022, New Hope contracted the services of Syntrio/Lighthouse to receive employee comments, concerns and complaints. This is an online platform that allows employees to submit items anonymously if they choose to do so. Employees can also receive feedback, even if submitted anonymously, through this platform. The Leadership Council discussed, and wanted to share, that in July it received four messages through Syntrio/Lighthouse. Two messages needed further examination, and two messages were proposals or ideas for improvements. Typically, these messages are only shared with the individuals they need to be in order for the messages to be acted upon. While employees are certainly encouraged to share any concerns or ideas they may have with their supervisors, all employees are welcome to continue using this platform when they feel it is the best option to share their thoughts. What the Leadership Council noted was a moment of celebration this month was employees using the Syntrio/Lighthouse application for the submission of ideas and improvements.
  • Benefit Reenrollment (Workforce). In addition to looking at fiscal year 2024 (FY ’24) budgets, New Hope’s Human Resources department is busy preparing employee benefit information for FY ’24 as well. As always, it is New Hope’s goal to provide quality benefits to employees, and their families, for their service and dedication to our mission. This year, New Hope is working toward paperless options for benefits reenrollment, which will be more efficient for everyone.

Again, our goal is to continue to propel New Hope forward. We appreciate everything our team of dedicated employees does day in and day out, and we greatly appreciate the support of our families and community. We are here to answer questions or concerns you have, and truly enjoy hearing from anyone at any time.


LeAn Taylor, Chief Program Officer

Kim Platt, Chief of Community Operations

Lacie Tedrow, Director of Quality Assurance & Staff Training

Danielle Fineran, Director of Finance

Angie Owen, Director of Development

Sarah Foley, Director of Marketing and Retail Operations

Kandi Quandt, Director of Employee Success

Shanon Lux, Associate Human Resources Director

Rhonda Feldman, Executive Assistant

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