The goal of the Volunteer Program of New Hope is to help provide a higher quality of life to New Hope clients who live both on and off campus. This may be done through direct or indirect services. Volunteers can give many extras that would not otherwise be available to clients. Volunteers are therefore instrumental in the fulfillment of the clients' lives.

Volunteers were vital in the formative years when New Hope evolved from a dream of meeting a recognized need, into a reality of buildings, people, and services.

Volunteers continue to be vital now as New Hope seeks to function as the best possible facility, helping adults with disabilities develop their potential to the fullest level possible.

Regardless of whether you will volunteer directly or indirectly with a New Hope client, your volunteering is a valuable contribution to the persons served by New Hope.

Qualifications and Placement

Volunteers of New Hope share in the common goal of benefiting the lives of the clients. Placement as a volunteer in an area will depend upon your skills and interests, as well as your own preference. Involvement in a client's life can be rewarding and challenging. Each client has his or her own special needs and individual disability. Above all, the clients are people just like you.

The volunteer supplements, supports, and enriches the work of the paid staff members, but never replaces it. Staff is readily available for guidance and is willing to intervene as necessary.

Types of volunteer service include, but are not limited to: 1 to 1 volunteers, church companions, New Hope Bargain Shoppes, on campus and community homes, leisure services, student service projects, and special projects/events.

Potential volunteers will fill out a Volunteer Application Form and will be subject to at least one reference check. Volunteers who have one-to-one contact with New Hope clients will need to have a background check performed through the Iowa Criminal History/Dependent Adult Abuse Registry and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. A submission of their social security number and birthdate will be required.

Volunteers will complete an orientation within 90 days after beginning volunteer work. This will consist of a tour of the area in which you will volunteer. You will be given an explanation of the volunteer policies and a statement on New Hope's philosophy. Safety instruction pertinent to your area of volunteering will be given. This will include information about fire drills, chemicals, use of equipment, lifting, first aid, etc. You will be given a Volunteer Manual containing all necessary information.

As you start work in your area, feel free to ask questions. The more knowledge you have of your work area, the better you can serve the clients. The director or residential coordinator can answer most of your questions. Feel free to contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you need more information or if you have suggestions.

Current Volunteer Needs at New Hope

  • Individuals are needed for a variety of volunteer duties at all the New Hope Bargain Shoppes.
  • Individuals or groups to provide spiritual activities to clients on campus, preferably early evenings, or weekends. Activities may include singing, prayer, reading of bible verses, and fellowship.
  • Individual or family to spend one-on-one time with clients; socializing, walks, and games.
  • Individuals or groups to assist with activities in the Leisure Department approximately once per month.
  • Individuals to spruce up the landscaping or assist in the raised garden beds.
  • Individuals are needed for a variety of fundraising activities.

Volunteer applications may be picked up at any New Hope Bargain Shoppe locations or by clicking the link below:

Volunteer Application Form Online Volunteer Application

For more information on these and other volunteer activities, please contact Angie Owen, Volunteer and Donor Relations Coordinator at New Hope by calling (712) 792-5500, ext. 217 or emailing her at