Residential programs, accredited by CARF in Supported Living are available in many options for persons to find opportunities for independence and new experiences as well as participation in community life. Homes are available in a campus setting, homes in the community or apartments. Services are also provided to persons who wish to remain in their family home. The living situation will be adapted to the needs of each individual. Persons who have greater needs, such as wheelchair assistance, communication devices or other special adaptive equipment will find comfort in a home that best suits their needs.

The spacious New Hope campus is designed for peaceful walks with a multitude of flowers and garden areas for hobbyists, as well as areas to enjoy games and sports. People living on campus or in a home in the community can plant their own flowers and gardens and decorate inside and out for seasons and holidays.

Each person can wake up in the morning in his/her own room, enjoying privacy, cozy comfort and his/her own treasures. Each home, whether on campus or a home in the community is clean, well decorated and pleasant to come home to when the day is done.

Current Housing Options

  • Campus Homes (Intermediate Care Facility / Intellectual Disabilities)
  • 24-HR Staffed Community Homes - Supported Community Living
  • Hourly Services - Supported Community Living
  • Community homes located in: Carroll, Manning & Glidden