New Hope provides Personal, Social and Education Services to individuals.

The purpose is to offer opportunities for non-work activities to persons who express such interests.

Persons can participate in activities that enhance community life experiences, leisure activities, communication activities, educational activities, and development of living skills.

  • ICF/ID Day Services
    • This program offers opportunity and choices of activities for clients who need variety in their day to day schedule. This program is beneficial for persons who have severe deficits in areas such as sensorimotor, communication, cognitive, vocational, social leisure, and independent living skills. A calm and quiet atmosphere with small groups and structure are important components. Problem solving, social skills and daily living skills are part of the daily routine. Computers are a resource well used.
    • Provides sensory related activities fitting a person's developmental level so they can learn about themselves and the world around them. When all that they see, hear and feel makes sense to them, the process of sensory integration occurs. It promotes exploration, movement, and learning through activities that offer pleasurable experiences. This also elicits feelings of safety and security. Much of the skill building that occurs centers on cause and effect, grasp and release, eye contact, relaxation techniques and matching.