The Mission of New Hope is to Enrich the Quality of Life for Individuals With Disabilities



New Hope beleives in the following guiding principals and valus. These values shall be an inherent part of the organizational culture of New Hope and are an essential component of all services and supports provided to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

1. Dignity, respect and choice

Individuals are treated with dignity and respect. Support and services will honor the right to make informed choices.

2. Individualized services and supports

Individuals are provided with services that:

  • Provide ample information to make informed decisions
  • Provide the opportunity to exercise initiative, autonomy, and independence in making life choices
  • Provide options in a setting to live and work based on their needs, preferences, and resources available to them

3. Access to community life and activities

Individuals are provided with services that support their access and engagement in community life and activities.

4. Standards of high quality

Individuals are offered quality services based on a high level of integreity, trust, customer satisfaction and accountability.

5. Valued employees

Employees of New Hope are valued and considered one of its greatest resources.

6. Competency

People are provided with opportunities for education and development of skills.

7. Safety, Health, and Well-being

People's safety and well-being are a primary concern



New Hope serves Iowans with intellectual and developmental disabilities of 16 years of age and older. New Hope will strive to provide a variety of options in living, employment and day services enhancing the choices available to the individuals served. Through the provision of skill and social training, we seek to aid the individual served in achieving their highest level of independence in living and work. Service outcomes will result in participation in community life at the level that the individual served so chooses; optimal safety and health; and living a life of satisfaction as it is defined by the individual who is served.