New Hope is committed to operating with a high standard of professionalism and ethical conduct. New Hope's Code of Ethics is based on its Mission and Value Statements and embodies standards of conduct for the agency. Employees, Board Members, and Volunteers are expected to follow the established guiding principles and values and to comply with this Code of Ethics.

New Hope's Code of Ethics centers on these three themes:


  • Be honest and truthful with others
  • Treat people with the highest degree of dignity
  • Embrace racial, cultural, and creative diversity in others
  • Uphold the human rights of others
  • Honor your promises and commitments
  • Respect the rights, individuality, and contributions of others


  • Use company time, equipment, and resources appropriately
  • Safeguard issues of privacy and confidentiality of others
  • Professionally resolve personal and business conflicts
  • Promote a healthy and safe environment for others
  • Discourage, prevent, report, and correct any unethical or illegal conduct
  • Disclose and appropriately manage any potential conflict of interest


  • Provide individualized services and supports
  • Promote the Mission of New Hope
  • Encourage a culture of trust internally and externally
  • Establish opportunities to train, coach, and develop skills of coworkers
  • Provide advocacy when individuals express their concerns, needs, desires, or dreams